Information for prospective graduate students and associates

Our research group is heterogeneous and always looking for graduate students and postdocs who are interested in research in optimization, transportation, and logistics. This page in intended for prospective graduate students. Read the information on this page very carefully.

Due to the large volume of solicitation, make a well-articulated case for yourself and provide relevant information, or you will be ignored. This includes but is not limited to

  1. not sending mass email. Make your case personal. What part of my research interests you? What can you offer to the group?
  2. Be precise on the research topics that interest you.
  3. Computing is extremely important. Can you code (not Google code!)? In which languages?
  4. What is your background in optimization? What exact and heuristic methods did you use (i.e., implemented yourself)?
  5. Do you have partial funding for your studies? Note that FSA ULaval offers very good funding to all accepted M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

English is mandatory. Your email should demonstrate your skills in writing properly.

For M.Sc. and Ph.D. students: although all teaching is done in French at FSA ULaval, you may write your thesis in English. Note, however, that you need to provide the results of a formal French test before admission.

If you read through here, follow these rules and send us your CV, examples of your research, codes, and keep it short.