My default LaTeX article template

When preparing a new LaTeX manuscript, we often do not know to which journal it will be submitted. Then we need a nice style to present the content. Likewise to reports and the likes.

LaTeX offers its amsarticle document class, which is generally good. I mean generally because it can (and should) be improved to meet one’s needs.

My needs are satisfied with the following template, which modifies the margins and adds my usually needed packages.

% ----------------------------------------------------------------
% Customization by Leandro C. Coelho -----------------------------
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
\documentclass[12pt, twoside, draft]{article}


% Setup TikZ
\tikzstyle{block}=[draw opacity=0.7,line width=1cm]

\usepackage{amsmath, amsthm, amsfonts}
\usepackage{algorithm, algorithmic}


\clubpenalty = 100
\widowpenalty = 100





\title{Title of the paper}


\author{Leandro C.~Coelho and Co-author\\
\footnotesize Affiliations\\
\footnotesize \texttt{\{leandro.coelho,\}} \\ }



Enter your abstract here

{\bf Keywords:} enter, keyword, here.



\section{Title of Section 2}

\subsection{Using a subsection}


\noindent \textbf{Acknowledgments}

\noindent \small{This work was partly supported by .}



Make your own adjustments and enjoy it!

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