Install CPLEX on linux (without administration privileges)

[update] IBM has changed the website from where CPLEX can be downloaded. It is now

Following the post on how to download CPLEX for free (academics and students), find here how to install it under linux.

Register with IBM on the hub and download CPLEX 12.9 from
Select on the menu Data & Analytics –> Software –> CPLEX
For Linux, download option “File: IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.9 for Linux x86-64 Multilingual (CNZM2ML)”

Note that to install it, you do not need administrator privileges.

bash cplex_studio129.linux-x86-64.bin

Follow on-screen instructions, and when asked about the path to install it, write


change “username” by your username on the machine

Atter installation, edit the file ~/.bashrc and add the following line at the end:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/username/CPLEX_Studio129/cplex/bin/x86-64_linux

Remember to change username.

Save the file, and execute the commands

source .bashrc

You should have loaded CPLEX now.

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