How to: Install MS Visual Studio Express and create a C++ project (Windows)

In this tutorial I will describe how to install Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012.

Start by downloading MS Visual Studio Express 2012 for free from MS Visual Studio Express 2012. Install the downloaded file as shown in the picture below.

installing VS2012E

After the installation, you will have the option to register the product for free in order to obtain a product key. Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be able to apply your product key within a few minutes.

product key applied

You can then start using MS Visual Studio Express 2012. In order to start a new C++ console application, navigate through File -> New Project…

file - new project

And choose Visual C++ – Win 32 – Win 32 Console Application.

new project

Give your project a name and location, and click OK, then Next. A new window called Application Setting will appear. Choose Console Application and Empty, then click Finish.


You are now ready to start coding your C++ program. Enjoy.

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Thanks to Mahdi Khemakhem and Rahma Lahyani.

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