How to: Configure MS Visual Studio to use IBM CPLEX Concert

In this tutorial I will describe how to configure Microsoft Visual Studio Express to use IBM CPLEX with Concert technology in a C++ project. This tutorial assumes you already have CPLEX installed. If this is not the case, follow the How to Download and Install a full version of CPLEX. If you’re looking for how to use CPLEX with Apple Xcode, follow the How to configure IBM CPLEX with Apple Xcode.

First, open MS Visual Studio and start a new C++ console application. You might want to see How to Install Visual Studio and Create a C++ project.

When your project is created, right click “Project” and select “Properties”.

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How to: Download and install IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio (Windows)

In this tutorial I will describe how to download and install a full version of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.6.1 (the latest version as of now – May 2015).

IBM gives scholars and university researchers free access to its software and systems. This support to our academic research is greatly appreciated. You need to register and apply for the IBM Academic Initiative program, through IBM Academic Initiative.

When you receive the confirmation of your eligibility, you can login and click on “Access IBM software and systems”, which will allow you to search for whatever IBM product you want. Here, I was looking for “CPLEX”. A list of CPLEX versions appears in the pop-up list, I clicked on CPLEX 12.6.1, the latest one.

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